The Toyota WedsSport Celica (JGTC) is Toyota's 2003 entry into the Japan Grand Touring Championship, now known as Super GT. A very light and agile car, it boasts a 300-hp version of Toyota's 3S-GTE engine.

Handling[edit | edit source]

The WedsSport Celica's interior and suspension add on to the already-obedient Celica platform's knack for acceleration and turning. The rear-wheel-drive conversion helps bring the back end around nicely while evening out tire wear. That said, the WedsSport car does have a small tendency to develop a very minor understeer conditoin if driven too aggressively for long periods of time. However, this can be easily remedied by taking wider turns and using less brake around the twisties. Also the car does not like slow sections of track which cause it to oversteer due to less downforce, but once the car is moving, it's very responsive.

Gallery[edit | edit source]

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