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The Toyota 7 is a Race Car made by Japanese car manufacturing company Toyota Motors. It made its first appearance in Gran Turismo 4. It made its debut race in 1968 in the Japanese Grand Prix. It was later going to be entered for the Canadian American Challenge Cup (Can-Am), but when their two test drivers were killed in separate accidents, Toyota pulled out at the last moment.


  • Years Active: 1968-1970
  • Country of Origin: Japan
  • Power: 600BHP
  • Weight: 620 kg
  • Drivetrain: Mid-Engined, Rear-wheel Drive (MR)
  • Aspiration: Naturally aspirated

Gran Turismo 4Edit

The car can be won by sucessfully completing Driving Missions 25-29 in Gran Turismo 4. It has an amazing Power-to-weight ratio, but the suspension and handling on this thing is horrible. You will wind up drifting through most of the corners. Also, without being tuned, this car can only get up to 200 MPH, meaning that courses with giant straightways, such as Circuit De la Sarthe II and Test Course, are a bad choice. It is also an incredibly difficult car to unlock, as you need to beat some of the hardest Driving Missions in the game. Despite this, its light weight means that it can go a long while before having to change tires, so you can beat some of the easier Endurance Races easily with this.