Appears in Gran Turismo 4
Gran Turismo 5
Type in GT5 ST[1]
Manufacturer Nissan
Max Power 353BHP
Weight 1,560 kilograms (3,400 lb)

The Nissan GRAN TURISMO SKYLINE GT-R (PaceCar) '01 is a variant of the Nissan Skyline GT-R '01 in Gran Turismo PaceCar livery. It appears, both as an undriveable PaceCar in License Tests and as a driveable car once won, in Gran Turismo 4. It is also available as a used car in Gran Turismo 5.

In-game descriptionEdit

Appearances in Gran Turismo 4Edit

The GRAN TURISMO SKYLINE GT-R PaceCar serves as the pacemaker in several license tests, all named "1 Lap Guide Run". In these tests, the player drives behind the PaceCar in order to learn braking points and racing lines around the game's circuits. The following is a list of these tests:


Gran Turismo 4Edit

In GT4, the PaceCar cannot be bought, as it doesn't appear in either the Nissan dealership or the Used Car dealerships. It can, however, be won from the Real Circuit Tours event in the Extreme Hall.

Gran Turismo 5Edit

As a Standard car, the PaceCar cannot be bought from the Nissan Dealership, nor is it available as a prize car.
It can, on occasion, be found in the Used Car Dealership and has appeared in the Online Collectors dealership.


  1. Appears as a Standard Car in Gran Turismo 5
1.It is often used in online lobbies as a police car.

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