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The Toyota Minolta 88C-V race car is a blue and white race car from GT4, GTPSP, and GT5.


TheMINOLTA Toyota 88C-V Race Car can be obtained by winning the El Capitan 200 Miles Endurance race in GT4. It has 798 hp without tuning, but you can tune it to 1223 hp. It is also one of the most popular cars in Gran Turismo 4 for it's massive speed and slender look. A good all-round vehicle with tremendous acceleration as well as it's excellent brakes. Many players tend to use this in most professional races. It is arguably one of the fastest cars in the game. Its so fast, that if you have ASM/TCS on, it flashes by simply driving on a straight. The turning power of the car gets incredibly wild during the higher gears, so it is recommended to have ASM/TCS on so you won't fly off the course by turning. The AI tends to do crazy things with this car while racing, so racing against these things tends to be very difficult.


The MINOLTA Toyota 88C-V race car can be bought for Cr.3,000,000 credits which is quite expensive, at some Toyota dealerships. It has a massive 907 hp and is an extraordinary car for any track, be it a chicane, a straight, a hard turn, etc. with the precise handling. This car cannot be driven on snow or dirt tracks.


You can get this from winning gold in both races in Like the Wind (Level 21).


There is an uncensored sponsor decal for West cigarettes behind the front fender on both sides and has been there since its' introduction in GT4. The weird thing is that West was never a sponsor for Toyota at the time, making it look like a deliberate joke by one of the main modelers.