Honda Z ACT '70
Appears in Gran Turismo 4
Gran Turismo 5
Manufacturer Honda
Max Power 31 BHp
Top Speed 71mph

The Honda Z ACT is a car which features in Gran Turismo 4 and Gran Turismo 5.

In Game DescriptionEdit

In October 1970, the first example of a lightweight 'speciality K-car' - the 'Z' went on the market. The Z utilises the same floor-pan and mechanics as the N360, Honda's first K-car, but with a sporty body design, incorporating a slanted front window, longer front nose, and a unique rear window
The body is a 2 door, but the rear windows with the black trim, called "Underwater goggles" by some, opened up, and the car could serve as a sort of 2-door wagon.
Although sold as a 4 seater, cabin space is crowded (due to the longer front nose) and the rear seats could only realistically be used for kids or for emergencies. As such, it should really be considered a '2+2 seater'.
It shares the same engine as the NIII360 (which was a minor update model of the N360): a 360cc air-cooled SOHC inline-2, of which there were 31 bhp single carburetor and 36 bhp twin carburetor models.
The suspension is common with the NIII360 as well, but in comparison to the NIII360, it is tuned to be harder to meet the desired sporty characteristics for the model.
As for the brakes, most models were fitted with front/rear drum brakes. Five versions of the Z were offered: the "ACT" for those with active lifestyles; the "PRO" for future-loving professionals; the "TS" for the unique and sports oriented; the "GT" for those who could afford luxury; the "GS" for the macho tough guy with driving skill. Of all these, the top grade GS was the first K-Car ever to be equipped with 5-speed MT, plus front disc brakes and radial tyres.
In November 1971, the base car changed from the NIII360 to the 1st generation Life. The engine became a 36 bhp water-cooled SOHC inline-2, and the wheelbase was extended 3.1 inches.


In Gran Turismo 4Edit

The Z ACT is not for sale in any Gran Turismo 4 dealership. It it found, on rare occasions in the Used Car Lots.

In Gran Turismo 5Edit

The Z ACT is a standard car in Gran Turismo 5, so it is not available from any dealership. It is available as a prize car from the Japanese Classics event in the Beginner League and occasionally appears in the used car lot.

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