Honda BEAT '91
Appears in Gran Turismo 2

Gran Turismo 3

Gran Turismo 5

Manufacturer Honda
Max Power 63 BHP

The Honda BEAT is a car which features in Gran Turismo 2 , Gran Turismo 4 and Gran Turismo 5.

In Game DescriptionEdit

Appearing in 1991, the Honda Beat created the lightweight 2-seater trend, along with cars like the Suzuki Cappuccino and the Mazda AZ-1. The Beat was a convertible that went beyond the normal expectations for lightweight K-cars at the time, and holds an important place in the history of light vehicle production.

The proportions are 129.7 inches in length, 54.9 inches in width and 46.2 inches in height. With only 760 kg it is an ultra-lightweight vehicle. It was a full fledged 2-seater with no roll bar, and though the top was folder manually, because of its light weight it could easily be opened or closed by a single person.

The weight distribution was ideal at 43% front and 57% to the rear, and the rear wings equipped with real air intakes for cooling the engine. In pursuit of perfect handling, tyres of different diameters were adopted, 13 inches for the front and 14 for the rear. The brakes too were performance oriented, utilising 4 wheel disc brakes for the first time on a lightweight car.

The 656 cc, inline 3 cylinder normally aspirated engine delivers 63 BHP and features nulti-throttle and engine control systems brought about from F1 technology. The gearbox was a 5-speed MT, with its shift stroke tuned to be very short. The interior too was unique, with3 motorcycle-like independent guages and zebra patterned seats for a playful touch.

Users commented that the drive was quite delightful. Even without driving on winding roads, it was possible to enjoy the pleasures of a sports car simply by driving along familiar streets. The production of the Beat continued until 1998, reaching total sales of 33672 units. Of course it was a pricey vehicle, but the Beat is one of the jewels many people wish Honda had continued to produce.


In Gran Turismo 5Edit

The Honda BEAT is a standard car in Gran Turismo 5, so it is not available from any dealership. It occasionally appears in the used car lot.