The Ford Ka is an German microcar manufactured by the Ford Motor Corporation since 1996. The car was designed by Ford to be small, practical, and cost effective, optimal for operation in Europe's crowded cities. Therefore, performance has been sacrificed for ergonomics.

Performance[edit | edit source]

The Ford Ka is not very fast at all. It is slow yet nimble.

Gran Turismo 4[edit | edit source]

The car, like many microcars, is underpowered, sporting a 1.3 liter straight-four producing 59 hp at 5,000rpm. The car is front-engined and front-wheel-drive. Despite the car's statistics, it is incredibly light, weighing only 2,164 pounds (965 kilograms). The car's acceleration times are slow, and an asking price of 12,920 credits new is fairly high when there are a multitude of much more powerful, competitive used vehicles available at half the price..

Acceleration times[edit | edit source]

0-60 mph: 18.7 seconds

0-100 mph: 1 minute 37.7 seconds (inaccurate, taken whilst steering)

1/4 mile (400m): 25.6 seconds @ 70 mph

1000m (2/3 mile): 42.6 seconds @ 85 mph

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