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The Cizeta V16T or Cizeta-Moroder V16T was bulit be Cizeta Automobili and is one of the Supercars that was featured on Gran Turismo 4. It is also featured on the Gran Turismo Game for the PSP. It also appears in Gran Turismo 5. While not obtainable from first-had dealers, it can be given to you as a reward.


Simulation ModeEdit

  • Engine Type: V16:QOHC
  • Displacement: 6000cc
  • Power: 580 hp/8000rpm
  • Torque: 543.84
  • Dimentions: 4442x2060x1115
  • Weight: 1640 kg
  • Pwr/Wgt ratio: 2.787
  • Drivetrain: MR

Arcade ModeEdit

  • Power: 580 hp (+20% = 695 hp)
  • Weight: 1,640 kg (-10% = 1 476 kg)
  • P/W Ratio: 2.83 (min = 2.12)


  • This car is not for sale in GT4 and can only be recieved through a Prize.
  • You can win this vehicle at the Supercar Festival In the Professional Hall (IA License Required).
  • This Car was the first Post War car with a 16-Cylinder Engine (The Bugatti Veyron Being the Second with the W16).
  • The V16T was built from 1991-1995 yet it had a limited production of about 30 Vehicles in its lifetime, which resulted in a high price tag for the car.
  • The Sultan of Brunei Owns 2 of these cars.